The future is sustainable.

The future is electric.

And with PLG, that future is here.

We’re not waiting for the rest of the industry to go green. Instead, PLG is taking the lead.

By combining sustainable initiatives and EV technology with our 50+ years of industry expertise, PLG provides an easy, flawless, eco-friendly delivery experience.

Our network of electric 16’ and 24’ box trucks and sprinter vans deliver the service you deserve, all while caring for our earth and reducing our carbon footprint.

Speed. Service. Sustainability. Choose all three with PLG.


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The Change We All Need

Our mission is simple: to sustainably deliver excellence.

That means we’re focused on putting a smile on every client’s face as we do things in a way that’s good for the planet.

We want to be part of the solution, especially since our years of experience has made us painfully aware of the problems with fossil fuels. We’ve seen how dirty diesel trucks are, and we’re ready to be done with it.

Which is why we’re leading the charge towards electric vehicles. Our goal is to be 75% EV by 2025 with 100% EV use in major metro areas to maximize our eco-friendly efforts.

Our dedication to sustainability lets us become part of the solution. Our clients, employees, and customers can sleep better at night, knowing that teaming up with PLG means helping clean up our planet

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